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FleXiever screening machines, robust scalping screen with a high capacity

  • Compact, mobile and quickly deployable
  • User-friendly and suitable for different industries
  • Customization possible

These flexible screening machines are used in a wide range of industries: agriculture and horticulture, construction, industry, food, etc. Models are also available for private individuals!

These robust screeners are used by, among others, soil processors, garden contractors, rental companies, soil research, schools, green services, private individuals and many other sectors at home and abroad.

Mini Screener trailer

The Mini Screener trailer, mounted on the chassis of a trailer (680 kg) is the ideal machine for small screen work or screen work in limited spaces.
In “driving mode” the machine is in the longitudinal direction of the trailer. When screening is required, the Mini Screener rotates 90 °. As a result, the coarse and fine fraction (discharge via conveyor belt length 3 m) falls to the left and right of the trailer and a free passage is always created in this way. Road plates are placed in front of the tires so that the material can be easily removed.

The Mini Screener can also be removed from the chassis in one piece, together with the 2m conveyor belt.

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The Garden is a budget-friendly sieving machine for companies and individuals who have to sporadically (and in a budget-friendly manner) sift products. The screening machine can be used in a wide variety of sectors and is also suitable for private use.

Garden is a so-called “wheelbarrow” model and has a practically electric 1-deck mini-strainer. This makes the machine easy to move and can be used anywhere. It can be loaded with a shovel or via a conveyor belt.

The standard sieve nets are 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm, 20x20mm and 30x30mm, but other mesh openings are also possible.

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Mini Screener

The Mini Screener screen is ideal for small screens or screens in confined spaces such as e.g. city ​​gardens. The machine can be supplemented with a mini digger, bobcat, shovel, conveyor … the machine can also be easily moved via the provided lifting eyes.
The unique mobile design ensures that you can easily move and fold the machine so that you can e.g. through narrow door openings.

Due to its compactness and the fact that the nets are inexpensive and can be changed very quickly, the machine has already been used in very different materials and different industries.
Materials: Compost, black soil, sand, wood chips, granulates, biomass, insects, coal, potatoes, seeds, etc.
Industry: landscaping, soil research, earthworks, archeology, metal recycling, shooting clubs, schools, insect nursery, rental firms, etc.

The Mini Screener MC is the same screen as the Mini Screener described above, but then equipped with a 3-meter conveyor belt, lifting yoke and towbar. It makes this sieve one of the most compact mobile sieving installations with a conveyor belt. The machine can be pulled or lifted with a crane.

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